Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Beginnings

June 26, 2013

Early morning clouds promise a cool day as we sit in silence - each in his own thoughts. It is the first day for all; a new beginning. We do not know each other, but when the week is done we will be bonded together as the "newbies." A new crew with but one goal - to provide a future.

Most are young kids really, barely out of their teens creating their own way. As for me and the few others of age and wisdom; we are here because we love. We've worked through our prime years and yet find ourselves struggling to provide for our families. We find ourselves in need of just a little extra to pull through the rough times.

Rough is a relative word. What our ancestors lived through before us is, by far, greater an accomplishment. History will show that what we work so hard for are the extras - extravagant lives. They worked for the basics; to live.

But like I said... its relative. I work for my family and for myself. I've had my career, now it is just about living. So why not have fun while I do so? When my last job became overwhelming and no longer was fun, I changed. Now I have fun again... I drive the city bus.  It is fun. I see some of the same people daily, but new faces as well. I'm outdoors in the not-so-fresh air and although I have a route, I am mostly independent.

What matters most to me is that I feel positive at the end of my day. I can return to my home and family less frustrated (most days) and not worried about whether or not my very productive day resulted in profits. I no longer work to exhaustion only to be told "its worthless."

I feel positive and I am happy. What more is there?

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