Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Day After the Day After...

July 6, 2011 and I still haven't fully recovered from 4th of July celebrations. I had learned that the celebration in Old Town, San Diego was a really cool event so we packed up our three plus Kaitlin, the baby and the rest of her family and headed out for the park.  I was surprised at how many people were there considering I'd not seen any advertising or notices, but the crowd was pleasant and not too thick.  There was plenty of room for us to spread in the shade for a picnic lunch, and enough free activities to keep the kids interested.
Naturally it was the cannon blasts that intrigued the boys and Samantha.  As soon as the first blast exploded they all tore across the plaza lawn to the other side for the next shot.  Thankfully Kaitlin has recovered enough to run after them.  By standards of my youth, that they had run off like that to somewhere we knew they'd be wasn't a problem. But of course we all know things are different today and just don't like them out of my sight. Especially the four (adding in Kaitlin's brother) boys with little or no self restraint. Not to forget littlest sis (2 yrs) who has to follow her brother and sister everywhere.

OK, I admit it. When the volunteers were blowing powder balls (kinda like homemade explosives) closed between two anvils, I had to watch too.  All cops (and ex-cops) like explosions.

The festival was nice and many "activities" or demonstrations were free. Unfortunately though the fun stuff was not. To play or enter the potato sack race required tickets.  The cake walk I understand since there was a cake for the winner. But seriously, kids don't care if there is a prize for potato sack races. They just want to hop along and fall in the grass. The horse and buggy ride was fun for all the kids.

From Old Town we headed home where the kids cooled down on a slip-n-slide while I lit up the BBQ. We had good ole American hot dogs, hamburgers, beans and watermelon for dinner. Then of course we loaded up both cars again and went down to the neighborhood gathering for fireworks.

Fireworks are a lot of fun in our neighborhood. We live just blocks from where they light 'em off.  So everyone gathers at the grocery parking and the park across the street to sit directly under the exploding rockets. The booms rattle through your bones and at times it seems as though the glowing embers will land atop your head. I believe some were more entertained by the boom than the actual display.

This year was special with the fireworks. Not the fireworks themselves, they are pretty standard year to year. But for the first time in several year Kaitlin and her family were together to watch. And finally after 6 years for us, Austin was not afraid and did not have to go back to the car to escape.

I have to say it was a very long hot sweaty fun day. Nichole and I, well everyone, were totally exhausted and no amount of sleep recovered our bodies. I can not count the times I fell asleep at my keyboard or just in-between mouse clicks.  But we muddled through the day and night with only a few moments of unruliness. Today is only a little better. I'm not falling asleep but the lids are heavy and lunch break is looking better and better for a good long nap.

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