Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dance

He never misses a beat as he gently guides her through steps she’d never known.  A rich lilting tune hums softly in the background.  She is uncertain and does her best to follow his lead; a soft pressure here and a subtle pull there.  For a moment, the music stops and she gazes upward into his eyes.  Waiting; waiting for his cue to begin anew.  With a slight nod he starts again; a push left, a tug right.  It seems fluid now, now that she has given in to his rhythm.

The dance is over far too soon.  She would dance all night if she could.  But away from his arms she must rest quietly until beckoned once more to stand at his side.  She stands beside him and holds herself with pride.  He pats her head and strokes her back.  The judges have made their decision.   She struts off the floor; head held high and tail wagging.  This time, Blue Ribbon is hers.

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