Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh No, I've Been Deleted!

Oh no!  I've been deleted!  Seriously, I could care less and I'm tempted to click the 'like' button that sarcastically announces my dismay at being deleted.  Many have had their say about social media and its affect on our ability to connect with others around the world.  Ever minute detail of our lives is available at our finger tips.  There are countless "like" buttons that express our political opinions and personal frustrations.  What should be a wonderful connection to old friends and family has become a place to seek attention.

FaceBook is vampiric and uses way too much of our time and energy.  We post a phrase or activity and haunt the site, expecting feedback from our peers.  We all do it.  I'm on right now in another window, faithfully checking in to see if I got the attention I desired.  We post inflammatory information just to follow the drama that ensues.  We publicly humiliate ourselves as well as each other from the safety of our keyboard, and in doing so stay connected with family and friends who wouldn't dare share the same information to our faces.

Maybe it is good.  I have met and gotten to know family that I've only heard of before.  I've found old friends from years ago and been surprised at who has accepted my requests to connect.   I'm not surprised at who has connected with me and later deleted me.   After all, some times its just plain curiosity as to what whoever is up to since the old days.  Once that is satisfied, why keep them on?  My guess is that what you had or didn't have in common remains the same.  So go ahead and delete me.  Chances are, I was about to delete you too.

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  1. Love your writing ... keep it up. Uncle Ned