Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Meandering?

Hi, my name is Maria and I started my blog just today.  I chose "Meandering Mind" because I suffer from self proclaimed short-term memory loss.  I am easily distracted and forget my place on a regular basis.  My intent from this blog is to stretch my imagination as well as find a safe place to put my thoughts "out there."  I am a writer.  So far I have sold a few small articles to niche magazines.  I have never seen my writing in the publications, but hey, I got paid!  One organization bought the same article twice for two different magazines.  That was pretty cool.

I do not prentend to be an expert on much, but I can back most of my opinions on experience and research.  My experience includes nearly 20 years in Law Enforcement, a few years as a small business owner and about one year in sales and marketing for Sunbelt Publications. 

I look forward to sharing my meanders with you my friends, family and anyone else that finds this interesting.

thanks for caring

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